Tips to Make a Good Resume

Resume or CV is a major key to getting the job according to your dream. First, you can find the job that you want everywhere such as through job sites like and then send the resume to introduce yourself to the future employer of yours. Therefore, you have to include important information in ourselves in our CV or Resume. But that does not mean we have to write down all the things in ourselves. What actually HRD need in CV or resume to us? And what they do not like our CV? Consider the following tips:

Inaccurate information
You must not think that the company knows what you are doing before. Make sure you write in detail your old job and your job at the office a long time and create a detailed explanation. Check repeatedly before you send your CV.

Weak Profile
Your CV should contain a statement about yourself as strong as what you have done with your old office, your skills, your knowledge and your experience that can help increase your career.