Low maintenance costs

The apartment is a building block in which is divided into a number of space or units, marketed strata-title or leased. Beyond that, there is also a term which also refers to the condominium apartment. Both are basically the same sense, the only difference is the term. The condo is mastery of a few or several people on a property or a large building. So the apartment is pointing to a physical sense, while the condominium refers to rights or legal terms. Whatever it is, for young people live in the apartment is the most appropriate choice, the young people are still very productive and mobile. Practically they only spend time at home to rest or sleep, so not much time to take care of the house, run a hobby or spend leisure time at home. Because residential apartment and condominium are the most appropriate and practical, and does not require the involvement of many owners to take care of it and occupancy, also the most suitable is the queens peak.

Also, the location of the apartment is in the city center close to the various centers of business activity, commercial, educational, health and entertainment. For a young couple who are mobile but their income is not so high, this situation is suitable for a stay in the apartment, they do not have to spend large transportation costs. A young couple who still have a few family member no need large residential. An apartment or condominium of 36m2 – 45 m2 was enough. On the other hand, by staying in the apartment in the city, young couples are also more easily set the time for small children, who still need extra attention from the parents. In countries such as Singapore for instance, about 70% of the population is still in a reproductive age living in the apartment in the city, so the city solidifies.

This is why the Government provides incentives such as tax breaks, subsidized interest rates, regulation and others. While the older and well-established, free to choose to stay anywhere, in the city, in the apartment, or an ordinary house in the suburbs that far from downtown and less population. Staying in apartment or condominium requires a rational attitude, efficient, simple, practical and independent. Tolerance must be higher because of our neighbors not only in the left and right but also above and below. Receiving guests and invite relatives could no longer please like home. Not only because it could disturb the neighbors but the capacity of each apartment unit is very limited. So you can do a family gathering, in the meeting room provided in each apartment. In apartment or condo, we also cannot arbitrarily garden or maintaining trees, but you can buy moveable trees in a jar or trees with a hydroponics system.