Nail Trend 2017

Not only the fingers are tapering, beautiful nails can invite click amazed. Here are some nail trends in 2017, and the fun thing is you can apply these fifth NAIL TRENDS by yourself at home. Anything? Here are 2017 nail trends:

– Cheeky Tints
The idea is that the nail looks like a blush. To get the look, gently apply the coral colour nail polish to the centre of the nail so that it looks a soft flush that looks like flushed cheeks.

– Free Form and Negative Space
The design of this one is quite easy, expressive and suitable for you because it can be made quickly. Free your look and apply white nail polish to your nails to get an attractive look and away from the boring impression.

– Bright Look
Rainbow lines are perfect for summer. Choose 4 or 5 different shades from the 80s palette and use a striping brush to create staining in random order. Irregularity will provide perfect results and disguise mistakes.