Prevention of Dry Diabetes

Often people who suffer from diabetes are completely unaware if exposed to this disease. Almost all the symptoms that are often felt too underestimated so that diabetes can not be prevented. Basically, diabetes can be prevented from the beginning if it is realised by the patient. You can cure diabetes by using Obat Herbal Diabetes. Here’s how to prevent and control dry diabetes:

– Controlling blood sugar
This can be done by checking blood sugar levels regularly and taking antidiabetic drugs.

– Always keep your food intake
Maintaining caloric intake in the body is an important step to prevent the onset of dry diabetes. Food intake containing excess calories can lead to obesity which is one cause of this disorder. For that, you should avoid the consumption of foods or beverages that are too sweet.

– Exercise regularly
By doing sports activities regularly can help to maintain a normal weight, so avoid obesity disorder. In addition, exercise can also help control blood sugar levels.