How to help a mountain bike accident victim

Riding your mountain bike on the extreme tracks with your friends can be very exciting. The sheer cliffs, the sharp turn, the rocky dirt road can increase the adrenaline level in your blood flow. However, an accident might happen sometimes. Whenever you’ve got a friend or someone else who is having an accident during the outdoor mountain bike adventure, then you need to help them immediately. Right now, the best outdoor adventure NZ wants to share with you the tips to help a mountain bike accident victim.

You have to help the victim right away. It can be even dangerous if he or she is being pressed around his or her own bike. Make sure you’re moving the bike carefully and slowly, and then you can check whether he or she has any broken bone. You also have to make sure that there’s no gas leak from the bike, so the risk of explosion should not be worried at that time and you may continue in helping the victim. If there’s any broken bone, then don’t move him or her around at all. Make sure that he or she is sitting or laying in a safe spot with the comfortable position. Then you may want to contact the rescue squad to evacuate the victim.

If you don’t know anything to do with the broken bone, then don’t touch it and don’t move it at all. Just make sure the professionals handle it well so the victim’s condition will not get any worse. However, if there’s no broken bone at all, and he or she is just having some cuts and bruises, you may want to help him or her a bit. If you’re seeing a bleeding wound, then you may want to use a rope or a piece of cloth to tie up the hand or the legs which are bleeding. This may help to stop or to slow down the bleeding until the rescue unit is arriving to help the victim.